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Things You Should Know About $GROOVY Before Participating the Airdrop

$GROOVY is an ERC-20 based social token that focuses on independent music production, helping artists pursue their dreams, and create their best music without worrying about the costs of music production.

With the help of $GROOVY, artists can liberate their works from the financial burdens of the conventional album creation of the music industry.

At the same time, fans will be a part of the journey of their beloved artists, not only as their fans but also as their business partners and investors.

1. Create a wallet at Roll
2. Input your username in the box bellow
3. In a day or so the $GROOVY tokens should be arriving in your Roll wallet Click here
for more information about tokenomics click here

Conditions for Pre-sale of $GROOVY

10,000 $GROOVY = 1 ETH
First come first served
Starts on 1st of April 2022
Ends on 30th of June 2022
2 million $GROOVY tokens
allocated for Pre-sale


Total supply
10 million $GROOVY

Groovers airdrop
The Team